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Batista Workout Plan, Height, Weight and Physique

Batista nicknamed as "The Animal" is a proffessional wrestler, former bodybuilder , Movie star and MMA Wrestler. Batista became popular during his run with WWE. His full name is David Michael Bautista Jr. He was born in 18 january 1969. He has worked in many Hollywood blockbusters like Riddick , The Man with the Iron Fists , Spectre , Guardians of the Galaxy , and L.A. Slasher .Not many people know that batista is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

He is a 4-time World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWE Champion.

Batista Body Stats
▪Height: 1.96 m (6 feet 5 inches)
▪Weight : 278 lbs (126 kg)
▪Chest : 55 inches
▪Waist : 36 inches
▪Biceps : 20 inches
▪Calves: 16 inches
▪Thighs: 28 inches

Batista Monday Workout Schedule
calves and thighs

▪Seated and Standing Calf Raises
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Seated, Standing, and Lying Leg Curls
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Hack Squats
2-3 sets/10-15 reps
▪Leg Extensions 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Leg Presses 
2-3 sets/10-15 reps

Batista Tuesday Workout Schedule
Batista Wednesday Workout Schedule 
(Back and shoulders)

▪Front and Rear Pull-downs
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Seated Cable Rows 
2-3 sets/10-15 reps
▪Lateral Raises
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Barbell Behind-the-Neck-Press
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Bent Laterals 
2-3 sets/10-15 reps
▪Dumbbell Shrugs 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps

Batista Thursday Workout Schedule

Batista Friday Workout Schedule
Chest and Arms

▪Incline Bench Press 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Dumbbell Bench Press 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Cable Crossovers 
2-3 sets/10-15 reps
▪Dumbbell Curls 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Preacher Curls 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Triceps Presses 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Triceps Extensions 2-3 sets/10-15 reps
▪Normal and Reverse Wrist Curls
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
▪Hanging Leg Raises 
3-4 sets/10-15 reps
2-3 sets/10-15 reps

Batista Saturday Workout Schedule

Batista Sunday Workout Schedule

Dave Batista's Diet

▪His diet includes egg whites, oatmeal, fish, baked potato, grilled chicken, brown rice, pork, tuna, salad, peas, green beans, whey
protein, cottage cheese, and plenty of water.
▪Protein supplement called Isobolic.
▪Low-fat diet consisting of large amounts of protein.

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